Credit Where Credit is Due

I was sitting at the Staff Duty Desk looking for a way to provide a secure connection to my content for end users. I stumbled upon an article ...

Credit Where Credit is Due

Early on in my transition I had already started the process of thinking about how I was going to re-brand myself and of all the varying components that needed to be in place if I was going to do so successfully.

A few months later I had to attend a mandatory transition event that filled the post theater to standing room only. The presenters on stage were telling the hundreds of service members in attendance something I had already been working on, albeit their sales pitch was in a little bit of a different direction. Nonetheless I knew I was on the right track and needed to keep working on building my brand - and all of the sales and marketing materials needed to support it.

The idea for this site came about when I ran across an article entitled "HTTPS Adoption has Reached the Tipping Point" while researching ways to secure a website at a price I could afford.

The author of that article, Troy Hunt confirmed my suspicions that users would soon be leery of any website that didn't have a little green lock in the corner. I went on to read a number of his other posts, his biography and a link about Ghost the platform he is using to produce his content and why he chose to use it.

I was sitting at the Staff Duty Desk in-between physical security checks looking for a way to provide a secure connection to my content for end users. I stumbled upon an article by a guy in Australia who works with networks, databases and security; teaches professional level course ware about it and shares weekly updates relevant to all of those things to the public for free. He has been for years. His brand has value not only because of the nature and quality of his content; his brand has value because of his history of creating and sharing it as well.

I also found a solution to my content creation debacle.

I have decided on the Ghost platform and I paying them to store and serve the content as well as perform any needed platform maintenance. I'm using Cloudflare for basic level SSL. I'm starting this project by imitating Troy's blog (or paying homage as the fine arts crowd would say) because I think the format is effective and will work well applied to my re-branding and transition mission.

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