This website and the majority of the content presented within/herein has been assembled by me, Michael Throm.

This website and the majority of the content presented within/herein has been assembled by me, Michael Throm.
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The overwhelming majority of thoughts and opinions presented within/herein are expressly my own. Any content or train-of-thought generated from a party other than myself will be labeled as such. I will provide links to services, entities and articles referenced within the content of the website as a matter of respect and professional courtesy. I have not been paid by, nor do I receive courtesy or favor by any entity on this website who has an external link presented within/herein.

The content presented within/herein (e.g. posts or articles presenting my thoughts and opinions) are presented to you "as-is" with no warranty implied explicitly or otherwise. I am not legally or morally responsible for any actions you may take after reading the content presented here.

This site will probably store a small amount of information on your local machine unless you have expressly denied that feature, or have instructed your browser of choice to delete them upon exit. The framework for this site is open source, although I have decided to pay for the server space and back-end support offered IOT maximize my time learning new skills, brushing up on old ones, creating content and improving my skill set.

Any modified source files modified by me that determine the appearance of this website to the end user or facillitate the functions of the components that enhance the user experience will be annotated as such within said source code and will be reflected in the changelog.

Comments on posts and pages are not allowed at this time because I do not see any reason to give trololos a breeding ground to detract from the well meaning intention of this website.

The privacy of anyone who views this site is of great importance to me. That's why the site has basic Secure Socket Layer protocol encryption (in this case provided by Couldflare a 3rd party entity). All efforts will be made by me to devise and implement improvisations and/or improvements to the site content delivery security structure as I see fit. This site may or may not offer an electronically mailed (e-mail) subscription notification of new content published to the public. You should be aware this will involve the input of your e-mail address into a form that will be sent across a series of networks, presumably over a secure socket layer connection. There is a small chance your e-mail address could be intercepted at some point in time along the way or during long time storage on a remote server. I am not responsible if your private information is compromised by any other entity other than myself; and then only due to an act of gross negligence by me.

To fully ensure your privacy, consider using a VPN (virtual private network) connected through a third party proxy service and a private browsing window, on an anonymous connection, ensuring to delete your browsing cache and wipe all free space on your hard drive before physically removing it from your machine, taking the platters or flash memory chips out of the casing and proceeding to smash them to smithereens with a 3lb. sledge hammer and storing the pieces in a highly magnetized steel container for a minimum of 30 days (or alternatively smelting them together with some scrap iron to form an ingot) after visiting this site.

This block of legalese text regarding the implied terms and conditions of the use of my website was written by myself, Michael Throm - and may or may not be legally binding depending on where you live; where this content is physically cached or originates from; how it is transposed or transported to your device at your location; my intent of delivering aforementioned content placed within the above mentioned context.

Any and all intellectual property, international commerce and international copyright/freedom of expression lawyers who find fault with this Website are encouraged to advise me, Michael Throm in writing of a violation of law as pertains to this website or the content presented within/herein.

Use this site at your own risk. I'm not responsible for site functionality, hurt feelings, or anything other than what the United States Supreme Court may declare to be libelous, slanderous, or patently false in their particular court of law.

Send all questions, comments, concerns, requests for removal or corrections here.

Thanks for visiting my website and reading this lengthy block of text.

Have a great day.