Promoting yourself can be a challenge.
The most powerful word in the world pops up everywhere. Ironically, this is on Sandown Pier on the Isle of Wight (UK) — a place that has not changed for 30 years.
Photo by Ross Findon / Unsplash
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v.04 - Reference Point Zero.four
20 OCT 2020

  • General cleanup and maintenance performed; new strategies implemented for file hosting; addition of subscribe options in the navigation bar; integration of select backend, third-party applications

v0.3 - Reference Point Zero.three

15 MAR 2018

  • Site Theme = Editorial with slight modification to the text color

v0.2 - Reference Point Zero.two

18 OCT 2018

  • Site Theme = Default

v0.1 - Reference Point Zero

20 SEP 2017