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Michael Throm  |

Experienced leader passionate about people, processes and technology. Extensive experience in operations, logistics, project management, quality control, and customer service with proven results in high stress, fast paced corporate and military positions


Management Intern, Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion
MAY 2020 – Present
Learned how to organize, manage, and facilitate events in a 12,000 seat live outdoor music venue from operational, production, food, and beverage perspectives
•   Evaluated operational effectiveness of alternative food delivery processes during an 8-week pilot project
•   Performed quality control inspections of a 40,000 sq.ft. facility to include elements of utility, fixtures, security, crowd control, environmental, and staffing requirements
•   Assisted with physical inventory and setup of $35,000 of point of sale terminals
•   Conducted cost-benefit analysis of contract proposals in order to create recommendations and day-of-show manuals specifying amenities, labor, equipment, marketing, food, beverage, and scheduling requirements

Insurance Producer, Jordan Stumbaugh Agency
APR, 2018 – JAN, 2019
Developed leads, conducted sales presentations, issued insurance policies, used problem-solving skills to maintain client satisfaction
•   Initiated a method utilizing existing client data to improve sales $100K, and customer savings $50K
•   Provided customer service and support to over 200 individual client accounts for personal and commercial insurance products

Operations Team Lead, United States Army
NOV, 2016 – JAN, 2018
Served as the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) NCO for the 4th Squadron, 6th U.S. Cavalry Regiment; responsible for informing and advising the Commander on all issues relating to CBRN; established and supervised CBRN tactics, techniques, and procedures; advised and estimated the CBRN defensive posture and assisted units with CBRN maintenance; monitored CBRN readiness, conducted inspections and training valuations within the unit; responsible for the health and welfare of one NCO and four Soldiers. Appointed Duties: Rear Detachment S3 NCO, Rear Detachment Schools NCO, Squadron Fire Marshall, Alternate Unit Prevention Leader
•   Responsible for providing communication on, and implementing strategic guidance, in a high paced current operations department providing planning and logistics for over 1300 employees in multiple geographic locations
•   Conducted training, education, and loss prevention activities regarding substance abuse to 225 personnel over a period of six months, ensuring 100% operational readiness
•   Facilitated continuing professional education and development opportunities for 225 personnel over a period of 6 months, resulting in 12 promotions, and 35 professional certifications
•   Ensured all 12 properties within Squadron areas of responsibility were compliant with regulatory fire safety guidelines at all times
•   Accountable for property valued in excess of $1M

Hazardous Material Survey Team Lead, United States Army
NOV, 2015– NOV, 2016
Served as a Team Leader for a Mounted Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) Reconnaissance Platoon equipped with four M1135 Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicles (NBCRV)in a Maneuver Support CBRN Company assigned to 23D CBRNE Battalion (BN), the only forward support BN. Responsible for the training and readiness of his squad to provide surveillance in support of Army, Joint and Allied Forces on the Korean Peninsula. Appointed Duties: Barracks Manager, Battalion Vehicle Crew Evaluator NCOIC, Company Master Gunner, Range Safety Officer
•   Collaborated with a senior department chair from a different division to implement a team-oriented target acquisition matrix, dramatically improving the organization, training, and performance of over 1200 employees
•   Served as Company Master Driver, coordinating training to bring Company operational readiness from 50% to 100% in 45 days
•   Served as the company Barracks Manager, providing a clean, safe, and secure environment for over 175 transitory personnel over a six-month period
•   Utilized composite risk management for all missions; ensured there were zero safety violations during 3 Battalion Live Fire Exercises and 6 company M16 weapons ranges; trained 200 personnel on various weapons systems resulting in a 90% qualification rate
•   Accountable for property valued in excess of $7M

OSHA Compliance Manager, United States Army
NOV, 2013 – NOV, 2015
Served as a CBRN NCO for the Chemical, Biological, Nuclear, and Explosives (CBRNE) cell in a Maneuver Enhancement Brigade; responsible for informing and advising the cell Officer in Charge and Non Commissioned Officer in Charge on all matters pertaining to CBRNE operations, training and readiness; subject matter expert on all matters pertaining to chemical, hazardous materials (HAZMAT) and Defense CBRNE Response Force (DCRF) operations. Appointed Duties: Company CBRN NCO, DCRF NCO
•   Directly supervised 25 personnel in an operations department supporting the needs of over 3,000 personnel
•   Assisted in management and oversight of logistics and operations activities for 5000 personnel conducting large scale, disaster response exercises involving multiple agencies, jurisdictions, and nationalities
•   Supervised and trained personnel to conduct Protective Assessment Tests; tested over 200 personnel, increasing confidence and maintaining regulatory guidance
•   Served as the primary trainer during the Battalion CBRN Week, training over 120 personnel; resulting in 100% operational readiness for future DCRF missions
•   Coordinated the transfer of M50 protective masks for DCRF training, increasing mission readiness by 105%
•   Utilized composite risk management for all missions; ensured there were zero safety violations during 2 Battalion and 2 platoon M16 weapons ranges
•   Managed recall, disposition, and reconciliation of property and equipment valued in excess of $12M in a 6-month time frame
•   Maintained accountability and maintenance of $4M worth of equipment without loss or damage, ensuring a 100% operational readiness rate

Hazardous Materials Technician Team Lead, United States Army
JAN, 2010 – NOV, 2013
Served as a Team Leader for a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Dismounted Reconnaissance Platoon assigned to the Defense CBRN Response Force (DCRF); subject matter expert on all matters pertaining to chemical, hazardous materials (HAZMAT) and DCRF operations
•   Directly responsible for maintaining critical life safety and survival equipment for 30 personnel
•   Conducted over 500 hours of concurrent skill and proficiency training as alternative training instructor
•   Managed 5 personnel in CBRNE assessment, disablement, elimination, escort, and site remediation restoration
•   Maintained accountability and maintenance of $1M worth of equipment without loss or damage, ensuring a 100% operational readiness rate

Lead Graphic Artist, Berthoud Recorder
JUN, 2005 – JAN, 2010
Managed print and online publication of a weekly newspaper with 3,500 paid subscriptions, serving as the paper of record. Responsible for creating newspaper page layouts, advertisements, and the conversion of traditional assets to digital media using Adobe and QuarkXPress graphic design software
•   Strengthened content creation matrix by creation of seasonal advertising supplements, and special projects increasing advertising revenue by $20K
•   Received 3 first-place awards from the Colorado Press Association for advertising and page layout design

Graphic Artist, Self Employed
AUG, 2000 – JUN, 2005
Utilized Adobe graphic design software to produce a variety of graphic work for clients. Responsible for attaining, advising, and creating artwork for clients. Collaborated with 3rd party print and technology vendors to produce work on time and on budget
•   Created, designed, and produced graphic works and web design for over 65 clients


Master of Business Administration | University of Arkansas, Sam M. Walton College of Business | Projected MAY, 2021

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Graphic Design | Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design | AUG, 2001