Reading List

Reading List

Here is a list of titles I am currently reading, or have read that may be of interest.

Journal Articles

Fall 2019

Are you Ready for Gen Z in the Workplace? - Holly Scroth of the University of California, Berkley, and published in the California Management Review. (2019)

Decoding the Sentiment Dynamics of Online Retailing Customers: Time Series Analysis of Social Media - Ibrahim, Wang, and published in Computers in Human Behavior. (2019)

Fulfillment Time Performance of Online Retailers - An Empirical Analysis - Zhang, Onal, Das, Helminsky, Sanchoy, and published in the International Journal of Retails & Distribution Management. (2019)

Spillover Effects of Investment in Big Data Analytics in B2B Relationships: What is the Role of Human Capital? - Sena, Ozdemir and published in Industrial Marketing Management. (2019)


Fall 2019

Stop Mass Hysteria! - Michael Savage

Mind Wide Open - Steven Johnson

Blink / Outliers / The Tipping Point - Malcolm Gladwell

Where Good Ideas Come From / Wonderland - Steven Johnson

The Cashless Society - Robert A. Hendrickson, 1972, ISBN:0-396-06538-4.